Australia Video Poker Strategy Guide: the Nuances & 5 Card Poker

Australia Video Poker strategy guide helps increase the chances of winning!

On the one hand, video poker for beginners is attractive because the rules of this type of poker are extremely mere. The newcomers can quickly master it if they have ever encountered poker. On the other hand, strategies developed for Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker, and so on are entirely useless for video poker. In this kind of poker, participants should build Australia Video Poker strategy guide analyzing the chances of winning in online casino australia legal real money. That is, at least, they will need to know particular statistics of odds in video poker online.

Australia Video Poker Strategy Guide

Unlike traditional types of poker, which have dozens of different strategies, the Australia Video Poker strategy guide is so mere. The participants do not have multiple options in this game. The players should choose which cards they will leave and which replace. This decision determines the online Video Poker strategy of playing video poker. The most common type of video poker is jacks and higher options. Here, the jack is considered the minimum highest card. To get good chances to win video poker, players need to evaluate their starting hand (are there any possible winning card combinations) and replace those cards that do not fit into a potential combination. In this case, they must choose the oldest of the possible combinations. For example, among the starting hand, there are four cards of the same suit (three, five, jack and queen of clubs) and the youngest card (three of hearts). In this situation, if participants follow the basic strategy in video poker, they have three possible options:

  • Leave a pair of junior cards – that is, triples, replace the rest of the cards;
  • Leave the flush draw and try to finish the combination by replacing the three hearts;
  • Leave two high cards of the same suit, that is, a queen and a jack, and replace the remaining three cards.

According to the basic principle of the casino Video Poker strategy, players need to choose the oldest combination from the above list. Thus, in this situation, the most beneficial solution is to keep the flush draw and try to finish the combination by replacing the three hearts. If players follow this strategy of playing video poker, then the bonus advantage of the casino will be approximately 0.54%.

The Main Strategy to Succeed in 5 Card Poker

The basis of a strategy for playing 5 card poker is playing according to a position. The position of the player at the poker table is very significant – it determines how successful it is to play the hand.

  • Players in early positions – that is, opening a round of betting – are actually at the most disadvantageous position. The best strategy for such situations is not to make aggressive bets, raise only on a very strong hand. Players in early positions are advised to adhere to an extremely cautious and balanced game strategy;
  • Players in middle positions should also not take risks with a weak starting hand, but even a pair of middle or low cards can be a good basis for a hand, especially if there are not so many players at the table;
  • Late position is an ideal situation for an aggressive Australia Video Poker strategy of five-card poker. Players in this position have a definite advantage – they can observe the bets of previous bidders and receive information about the position of their opponents.

Being in a late position, it is very important to be able to conclude which are the starting hands of opponents, based on the number of cards they have replaced.

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