Best video poker games for PC and Android

Best video poker games for PC and Android

Video poker is an absolute leader in the games chosen by players at casinos. Each of them has his favorite — the best video poker game for PC or Android (if he uses mobile apps).

Online and even land casinos offer a great selection of different video poker games and opportunities for even plush winnings. The game fascinates, as its success is not based on chance: using his skills and smart solutions here, the player can significantly influence the outcome of the round.

Best video poker game selection for PC players

Those gamblers, who prefer to pick the best video poker to play against the computer, know for sure that there are dozens of slots of this game. The most popular include Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. At its best, there can be more than 50 variants on offer, including multi-hand games that offer added excitement. The bet limits can be, for example, 0.25-5 euros, but often extend even higher.

In each of them (as in classic land casino video poker), the values of the combinations, or hands, are defined in the rules, described in a special table (it can be opened any time during the gaming process). No other players are involved, but the winnings are paid by the gaming resource. Thus, casino regular customers, who visit their site to play their chosen best video poker game, do not have to ask what’s happen if they win online, and the win money would not come to them. If a guy is registered at the playing site and uses hos deposit money to play, he is guaranteed a payout. Naturally, the casino must be a trusted resource (legal, with a license, and positive reviews).

Video poker basic rules

This traditional game is based on regular Draw poker. The computer program (or an app) deals with the player five cards, from which he selects the ones to be held and exchanged to form the strongest possible hand. In practice, the job is easy, because in video poker, the cards are dealt automatically and all the players have to do is choose which cards they want to keep.

Video poker basic rules

The best training video poker apps

Many variations of this game exist, and in general, the rules are quite simple. Almost all of them foresee usage of a 52-card deck. Jokers are sometimes also involved (in Jokers Wild and Joker Poker, for example). The most famous of them, where mobile games want to learn the game ABCs are:

  • Aces and Faces
  • Bonus Poker
  • Deuces Wild (called usually the best video poker game training app), etc.

All game versions have their own game strategies. The smart player will first practice the demo mode of the game of his choice and only then switch to playing for money, playing, for instance, cool video poker best in Vegas real slots.

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