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Video poker Double Up game: risk to increase the winnings

Experienced gamblers know about the existence of slots with a double-up feature. These gaming machines offer winners to take risks and double their win…or lose everything. Jacks or Better video poker Double Up game also has this bonus. The player can use it or not: it is up to him only. Besides, mobile players often install Android free Double Up video poker game or australian pokie slots and train without spending a cent.

Video poker Double Up game strategy

Considering the fact that video poker has the highest odds for a gambler, the Double Up feature is used only by the riskiest guys, who are almost 100% sure that Fortune loves them. The rest of the players miss this option: they think (and in a way, this is true) that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Nevertheless, when they take a decision to follow the video poker Double Up game strategy, the bets need to be raised.

Jacks or Better Double Up Video Poker

This NetEnt slot is a classic among video poker games. In addition to the fact that winnings can be achieved with two cards, the game can be played with up to 25 hands. In addition, in the risk round, all winnings can be doubled up to five times in a row. The maximum win for a Royal Flush with five coins and 25 hands can reach 250,000 euros. The average payout rate to the players is over 99%, and thus, it is very high. Playing Jacks or Better Double Up online also has much higher winnings than playing a simple Jacks or Better. The risk game is an additional feature enhancing the slot.

Playing video poker Double Up online for free is possible with casino extra spins or a game bonus and with the free demo version of the slot. When registering, players can usually get a bonus and free spins with their first deposit. Some online casinos even offer a no deposit bonus for video poker upon registration.

Real money can be won with free spins and a casino bonus. However, it must be taken into account that the bonus and also the free spin winnings must still be implemented in accordance with the bonus conditions in the online casino before the payout.

How to play double-up game

Here is the simple gaming process for the newbies.

  • 52 cards are used. Players, who are interested in how to play flaw video poker Double Up game, can choose from 1 to 25 hands.
  • The game is played with 1 to 5 coins; the coin values are between 1 and 50 cents. The bet can range between 10 cents and dozens of euros. The aim is to achieve the winning combinations listed in the winning table.
  • After the first deal, players can choose which cards to keep and which to get rid of.
  • After a win, players also have the option of doubling the win in the risk game, another card.
  • With a Royal Straight Flash with the largest bets, winnings are extremely high.

In Jacks or Better, two cards also win if they are Jacks or higher.

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