video poker machine secrets

Video poker machines’ secrets

Video poker is famous for its highest odds and the best payouts. Thus, all card players without exclusion are eager to know the hidden secrets telling them how to beat video poker machines. They browse the FAQ sections of the sites devoted to gambling, seeking for the answers. They play for hours to master poker. They search for cheat information referring to this or that video poker slot machine regularly. The biggest “inventors” even work out special strategies, which can let them win often. However, the secrets of winners lie on the surface.

Video poker machines can be beaten

It is the truth. Nevertheless, the chance to beat a slot with poker will be higher when a gamer plays it regularly. First, free video poker slot machine games versions can be tried. This is done not to make money, but to get training, and start feeling the game. Besides, it is recommended to play games with the best odds.

In brief, the following recommendations usually work:

  • Choose what you play. There are numerous versions of video poker such as double up video poker from many different manufacturers. Theoretically, the best return percentage is provided by Jacks or Better, which also has the advantage of an easier-to-remember game strategy. Games that offer the best possible return percentage can be identified directly from the paytable.
  • Play at full bet. Jacks or Better’s basic strategy is calculated to be played this level.
  • Consider bonuses carefully. The high payback percentage of video poker brings with it a nasty side effect. At its best, the house advantage in video poker is less than half a percent, so casinos understandably limit their use in cashing back bonuses. If the gamer plays only video poker machines, it may be wise not to redeem the bonuses altogether.
  • Follow the strategy that minimizes the benefit to the casino.

Besides, each serious player must train a lot. The internet is packed with awesome video poker games that one can play for free or for money. Gamers can compare different versions and try strategies risk-free for play money.

video poker cheat

Is it possible to cheat a coin-operated video poker machine?

Gaming machines of this type are widely used in Las Vegas casinos and smaller gambling houses. Probably, each player, even the most honest person, tries to cheat coin-operated video poker machines. However, soon he understands that cheating is senseless: these are the also games using RNG like all slots. The best way out here is described above. It is better to concentrate on video poker games that have the highest payouts.

In video poker, the player can affect the outcome of the game himself, as he has to decide how he is going to play the last round. If there are four cards of the same suit in a hand, then he should exchange only one card. Besides, Joker Poker always increases a player’s chances of winning (Joker gives additional possibilities).

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