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Video Poker Odds: How to Find the Best Gaming Option Offering the Highest of them

Although slots have overshadowed video poker with their stunning graphics, unique symbol sets and generous bonus features, the poker game remains among the most played. In addition, video poker is one of the few casino titles that allows you to gain an edge over the house under certain circumstances. Of course, this is not always possible to achieve and it requires a lot of work – however, knowing how to determine video poker odds, you minimize the risks of losses.

The purpose of this post is to explain the basics of the game and help you find out which game offers the best odds of winning video poker. While reading this article is not a panacea, it should at least give you the correct understanding of what is VP and help you choose the best option with the highest winning odds.

Video Poker Version Offering the Best Winning Odds

Looking ahead, full-pay Deuces Wild games are the very best VP options that come with no house edge – and even a negative casino advantage – given that you are using the perfect game strategy. Despite their popularity, these games are rare at online casinos as they allow you to achieve 100.7% video poker odds over the house. In addition, you can increase this advantage by choosing the Progressive Jackpot variations of the poker game. Keep in mind, that progressives are only for max betting hands – so, you should use the ‘bet max’ feature to hope for that one life-changing cash prize that will excite your imagination.

Video Poker Odds Explained

Some gamblers, hearing about video poker, imagine games that devastate their bankroll. In fact, poker is a very profitable game in the long run. However, if you want to get the best possible video poker odds, using a betting strategy is a must. Although VP has a lot in common with slot machines, it actually allows players to showcase their skills to win more. Here’s what you need to do if you’re a beginner:

  1. First, you have to find out what game offers the best video poker odds, which is essentially part of the strategy.
  2. Secondly, you must know the poker hand ranking to be able to make the right game decisions instead of just relying on will of chance.
  3. Thirdly, learn a basic strategy that works best for most poker variations.

We have already helped you by pointing out full-pay Deuces Wild variations, potentially the most profitable gaming options.

Video Poker Odds of Getting Royal Flush

As any poker pro knows that strong poker hands can happen only once among thousands of deals, as high hands are less common than weak ones. For example, when playing the regular poker version with 52 cards, the video poker odds of hitting Royal Flush are 1 in 64,740 while getting any pair is 2,37 in 1. This means that you will get pair of cards in most hands.

However, VP is an RNG-based game, which means that average probabilities may not work as you expect. This is an advantage, as a generous poker machine can turn the game in your favor at any moment providing you with the best Vegas video poker odds. In addition, using a strategy, you can at least minimize your chances of big losses.

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