Multi hand Video Poker

Multi hand Video Poker – more chances to win and more excitement

Multi hand Video Poker – how to play Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Video Poker Deluxe and other variants, and what make Multi hand Video Poker games very attractive.

If to simplify, Multi hand Video Poker is an advanced version of a standard variant of the game, where a gambler has not only one hand, but can use 10, 20, 50 or even 100 hands simultaneously. This variant of Poker is very attractive for specific players, who have enough money in the pocket and who are ready to think rapidly, or just rely on personal fortune.

There’s nothing complicated about the process of playing. It starts from 5 cards out of a standard 52 cards’ deck. Depending on the chosen variant, a gambler can make a bet on 3, 5, 10, 50 or 100 hands. Let’s take 3 hands as an example. That means that the bet will be placed to 3 hands and each of them will be dealt from a separate deck. When you decide to discard this or that card from your “main hand”, the same cards will be replaced on other 2 hands. It’s just the simplest description. The more detailed information is given below.

Deuces Wild Multi hand Video Poker’s strategy

Video Poker’s strategy

Deuces Wild is one of the most exciting free Multi hand Video Poker variants, as 4 Deuces here can be used as Jokers, which can replace every card to create the best combination. The first tip – never discard Deuces. It’s elementary, but beginners can treat Deuces as the worst cards habitually. The below given basic strategy can be very useful, especially for beginners, and it describes the actions to do with this or that combination on the hand.

  • Four Deuces are to be hold together with the fifth card, as the hand can’t be improved. It’s definitely the best hand in Multi hand Video Poker.
  • Three Deuces – Wild Flush Royal or 5 of a Kind are to be kept. Otherwise, just Deuces can be hold.
  • Two Deuces – it’s necessary to keep any Four of a Kind hand or better, or just Deuces.
  • One Deuce – it’s better to hold all combinations, but not 4 cards to Flush Royal. Keep 4 cards for Straight Flush and 3 cards for Flush Royal, or just hold the Deuce.
  • No Deuces – Hold all paying hands except for 4 cards to Flush Royal.
  • Keep 4-card Straight Flush.
  • Hold 3 cards to Flush Royal.
  • Save one pair.
  • Keep 4 Flush cards.
  • Hold 4 consecutive cards Straight.
  • Save 3 Straight Flush cards.
  • Keep any two of 10, Jack, Queen or King, if they are of the same suit.
  • If there’s nothing of above mentioned situations, it’s necessary to discard all 5 cards.

This strategy is quite simple, but very effective one, and it is used not only by beginners, but by professionals, as well. The game is quite simple, that’s why it’s no need to discover the continents again and invent complicated and not efficient strategies.

Free Multi hand Deluxe Video Poker with no download requested

Most of Deluxe Video Poker sources claim the players to download a product. There can be mobile devices’ applications of laptop programs. The most popular of them are: Video Poker Deluxe for Android, King of Video Poker Multi Hand application, Eurogrand, Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace and some others.

But many gamblers wish to open this or that online gambling source and to start playing without making any additional actions, where no download function is available.

There are 3 most popular casinos, which are ready to offer such an opportunity. Betway Casino is one of the most popular gambling sources all over the world, and Multi hand Video Poker is an inherent part of the library. Video Poker Deluxe can also be found there. Another variant to visit and to play Deluxe Video Poker is Crazy Vegas Casino with a great number of available Video Poker’s varieties. And Spin Palace online casino is the last, but not the worst in this list. Amazing graphics and a great variety of Video Poker games, including Multi hand Deluxe variant would hardly leave anybody indifferent.

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