Pick’em Poker is the most paid online video poker game

One of our favorite games is Pick’em Poker, a unique video poker variation that combines arguably the easiest and fastest low variance gameplay with the easiest-to-learn strategy we’ve come across, both online and offline. This is a great option for playing online video poker with the highest payouts of 99.95% .

Pick’em Poker Video Poker Paytable Full Payouts

Pick’em is a fairly new variation on video poker . This game was invented in 1997 and it remains unchanged to this day. This game, especially in land-based casinos, can also be found under the name “Pick a Pair Poker” .

Playing Pick’em Poker is easy enough, you just need to choose one of the two cards.

This game is probably the simplest variation of video poker . At the beginning of the game, you receive two cards, which are located on the left side of the screen. Based on this, you choose one of the open cards on the right side of the screen. Under each of these cards are hidden two more cards to choose from. After choosing one of the cards, both are revealed and you get a winning hand according to the paytable.

Due to the simplicity of the game, you can play multiple hands . This is a fundamental difference from the Jacks or Better game , for example. You do not need to hold the cards and press the “Deal / Draw” button. You simply select one of the lines, and the win is calculated in accordance with the set odds.

In an online casino based on RTG Pick’em Poker is usually offered with a payout percentage of 99.45% or 98.74% . However, in some RTG casinos you can still find Pick’em Poker in full payout variations such as Grande Vegas .

Pick’em Video Poker Strategy

The Pick’em Poker strategy is extremely simple compared to other video poker variations. This game also has lower variance, which means you can play longer with one bankroll than higher variance games like All Aces.

Thanks to the simplicity of the game, pick’em can be mastered quite quickly. However, the basic strategy table may seem a little confusing at first. In fact, there are not as many difficult situations that happen in Pick’em as in other variations. To learn the optimal strategy for playing Pick’em, it is best to use video poker tutorials such as WinPoker. You can download this program from this link .

Pick’em Basic Strategy

This is probably the least complicated strategy of all the video poker variations. Before playing for real money, it’s best to practice the free versions of the games first.

A placeCombination
2Suited Q, J, 10
3Suited 10JK, 10QK and JQK
fourSenior couple (9 and above)
fiveOpen Straight Flush Draw (3 to J)
6Straight flush draw with a hole (2 to Q)
7Straight flush draw with two holes (2/3 high cards)
8Flush (3 high cards)
nine9 10 J, 10 JQ
tenStraight flush draw with two holes (1 high card)
elevenFlush (2 high cards)
12Junior couples (up to eights, inclusive)
thirteenStraight flush draw with two holes (no high cards)
14Straight draw with one hole (high 3 cards)
158 9 10
16Flush (1 high card)
17Straight draw with two holes (high 3 cards)
18Straight draw with one hole (2 high cards)
twentyFlush (no high cards)
213 high cards
22Straight draw with two holes (2 high cards)
236 7 9, 6 8 9, 7 8 10
24Open straight (no high cards)
252 high cards
26Straight draw with two holes (1 high card)
27Straight draw with one hole (no high cards)
28One high card
29Two-hole straight draw (no high cards)
thirtyNo high cards

Free Pick’em Online

It is best to learn how to play Pick’em Poker in free versions of games without registration and the need to download additional software. Unfortunately, Pick’em is only available at RTG based casinos in their downloadable app. RTG based casinos do not offer free online games without the need to download, and Pick’em video poker is only available in the downloadable version .

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