Double Bonus Video Poker is a game with full payouts with RTP over 100%

Double Bonus Poker is a variation of the Jacks or Better game with additional payouts for certain four of a kind options. You will receive 800 credits for 3 aces by playing only 5 credits.

Unfortunately, the full payout version (100.17% payout percentage) is not available online and now it is very rare to find it even in traditional casinos. Even with these limitations, this is a great game with a high variance of 28.3, which means you’ll need about 20% more bankroll than Jacks or Better. The winnings will not be as frequent, but when they do, it will be a big win .

Poker Double Bonus Paytable with Full Payouts

The paytable of the Double Bonus Poker with full payouts is also known as 10-7 (10 coins for the Full House and 7 coins for the Flash) or 50-10-7-5 (50 coins for four cards, which are five and up to the king, and 5 coins for “Street”) Other, less paid versions of the Double Bonus game usually assume one of these payout options, as a result of which it turns out to be not so high.

The most common Double Bonus Poker variation is either 45-10-7-5 (99.37% RTP – usually available at RTG casinos) or 50-10-7-5 (99.11% RTP). However, the best theoretical payout percentage available online, which is 99.92% , is available at Microgaming based casinos in the All Aces version. We recommend 32 Red Casino as one of the best Microgaming based casinos. Players from certain countries can receive a no deposit bonus that can also be used in video poker.

Do not forget about the very high variance of the version of All Aces in Double Bonus video poker with a score of up to 65.2. This means that you will need 80% more bankroll than Jacks or Better.

Poker Strategy Double Bonus

The Double Bonus video poker strategy is similar to the standard one due to the increased payouts for four of a kind. In addition to higher payouts for four of a kind, this variation also shows lower payouts for two pairs, much like Jacks or Better . When playing Double Bonus with full payouts, you can use the Jacks or Better strategy , but the theoretical payout percentage will drop to 99.65%.

Also remember that even with a basic or ideal strategy, Double Bonus Poker has very high variance, so be prepared to lose more often than win . However, the winnings are large enough (especially for quads of kings) and can cover your losses if the “gods of gambling” are on your side.

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